Our Values

Mayer Law Firm values and cultivates longevity in its relationships with clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the challenging process of legal matters as pleasant as possible for clients.

Our Reach

Individuals and businesses rely on the skill and prefessionalism of Mayer Law Firm. We represent clients throughout Florida, Connecticut, and New York.


Attorney Mayer provides legal services that meet the estate planning and estate administration needs of individuals and their families. The firms’ estate planning documents are drafted to address a client’s unique financial and personal issues, from the very simple to complex issues.

It’s Your Money and More

Many people think that estate planning is only for the wealthy. This is common misconception. Estate planning is not only about minimizing taxes, or avoiding probate court, but it’s about making choices that reduce the risk of family discord, the protection of assets from creditors, the management of assets upon disability, caring for family members, especially minor children, and maintaining control over health care decisions.

The general goal is to provide for the efficient management and transfer of your property during your lifetime or at death at the smallest financial and emotional cost to your family. A properly structured estate plan allows you to choose your beneficiaries with insight, provide for the effective and productive management of your assets to eliminate or reduce taxes.

After preparing a client’s estate plan, Attorney Mayer is available to represent the Personal Representative in the probate of the will and the administration of the estate. Assistance is provided in collecting assets and payment of debts in an efficient manner for the estate and beneficiaries. The Firm works closely with various other professionals for tax advice, financial advice, real estate and more. Attorney Mayer is very conscious that the administration of a loved one’s estate is often a difficult and emotional time for the family, therefore attempt to make the process as stress-free as possible.


Family law matters can be emotionally charged and incredibly stressful. First and foremost, Attorney Mayer encourages marriage counseling prior to divorce. However, if you are looking into the possibility of divorce,if you have been presented with divorce papers or if you and your spouse have agreed that this is the best course of action for both of you, the most important next step is to get legal advice. At Mayer Law Firm, the goal is to give you the information and education necessary to make solid, intelligent decisions that will affect the rest of your life and keep you focused on your responsibilities and future. If you are in the middle of a paternity action, it is critical to get legal advice. Florida strongly encourages the child to have a quality relationship with both parents. Family law issues are frequently confusing and frustrating. You need an advocate who has the answers to your questions so you can make informed decisions.


Attorney Mayer has always considered the Tampa Bay area “home”. As she transitioned back to FL, she served as lead attorney to several debt settlement companies with a network of attorneys in more than thirty states. She continues to assist clients who are in financial hardship and seeking relief. She works with clients to adjust financial living standards and create a household budget in order to allow them to pay off debt within a specific time period and help negotiate debt and defend
litigation from credit card companies.

During the tough economy, many people have faced financial hardship and have been forced to make difficult decisions. Whether you are facing foreclosure or short sale on your home she will work with you through the legal obstacles.


Attorney Mayer continues to build her practice in Intellectual Property matters covering copyright and trademark protection, licensing agreements, and unfair trade practices. Her experience includes due diligence of trademark searches for registration, registering trademarks, writing predictive memos regarding substantial similarity and the risk of using proposed marks, responding to agency actions from the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) related to pending applications. She is currently enrolled in the certification program through the Licensing University, sponsored by LIMA, as she expands her legal representation in the industry.

Ms. Mayer’s passion to focus on protecting intellectual property began while in law school. She sought out an internship with GE in the Trademark Division and worked closely with faculty and administrators to initiate a Concentration Program in Intellectual Property at QU Law. Her leadership while in law school earned her the Judge F. Owen Eagan Annual Book Award, Outstanding Legal Scholarship, Academic Achievement, Service to the Law School, and Service to the Community. She also served as President for the Society for Alternative Dispute Resolution and Vice President of the Sports & Entertainment Law Society.

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